Etc. | David Tench - Cross-Disciplinary CS Theorist

Adaptive Quotient Filters Richard Wen, Hunter Mccoy, David Tench et. al. In SIGMOD 2025. Berlin, Germany. June 2025. (Round 1 accept rate 17\%) [paper]

GraphZeppelin: How to Find Connected Components (Even When Graphs Are Dense, Dynamic, and Massive) David Tench, Evan West, Victor Zhang et. al. In TODS 2023. [paper]

GraphZeppelin: Storage-Friendly Sketching for Connected Components on Dynamic Graph Streams. David Tench, Evan West, Victor Zhang et. al. In SIGMOD 2022. Philadelphia, PA. June 2022. [paper] [talk] [reproducibility report]

PredictRoute: A Network Path Prediction Toolkit. Rachee Singh, David Tench, Phillipa Gill, Andrew McGregor. In SIGMETRICS 2021. Beijing, China. June 2021. Also appears in POMACS 2021. (Accept rate 17%) [paper] [talk]

Maximum Coverage in the Data Stream Model: Parameterized and Generalized. Andrew McGregor, David Tench, Hoa Vu. In International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT) 2021. Nicosia, Cyprus. March 2021. [paper] [talk]

Mitigating False Positives in Filters: to Adapt or to Cache? Michael Bender, Ratish Das, Mart\'{\i}n Farach-Colton, Tianchi Mo, David Tench, Yung Ping Wang. In SIAM Symposium on Algorithmic Principles of Computer Systems (APOCS) 2021. Alexandria, VA (remote). January 2021. [paper] [talk]

MESH: Compacting Memory Management for Unmanaged Languages. Bobby Powers, David Tench, Emery Berger, Andrew McGregor. In ACM Programming Languages Design and Implementation (PLDI) 2019. Phoenix, AZ. June 2019. (Accept rate 27%) (28 citations) [paper] [talks]

Vertex & Hyperedge Connectivity in Graph Streams. Sudipto Guha, Andrew McGregor, David Tench. In ACM Principles of Database Systems (PODS) 2015. Melbourne, Australia. June 2015. (Accept rate 25%) (78 citations) [paper]

Densest Subgraph in Dynamic Graph Streams. Andrew McGregor, David Tench, Sofya Vorotnikova, Hoa Vu. In Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS) 2015. Milan, Italy. August 2015. (Accept rate 35%) (100 citations) [paper] [slides]